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Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

Site Survey

Digitall offers a comprehensive site survey service that plays a crucial role in the successful installation of fiber optic networks. Recognizing the importance of this initial assessment, Digitall employs specialized technicians who are well-versed in site surveys and possess extensive knowledge of fiber optic networks. These experts meticulously evaluate the location, assessing its suitability, infrastructure requirements, and optimal routing and installation methods. By prioritizing site surveys, Digitall ensures that clients receive a thorough analysis of their location’s suitability for network infrastructure installation. Through careful examination of the physical layout, existing infrastructure, potential obstacles, environmental conditions, and accessibility, their technicians gain a deep understanding of the space’s specific requirements. This enables them to provide precise recommendations for network design and installation, mitigating potential disruptions and optimizing network placement. By thoroughly planning the routing and installation methods, Digitall ensures a smooth and successful installation process, resulting in a reliable and efficient fiber optic network infrastructure for their clients.


Digitall offers specialized construction services as part of their comprehensive network infrastructure solutions. Their construction services encompass a range of tasks, including excavation, cable pulling, conduit installation, and infrastructure development. With a team experienced in fiber optic network construction, Digitall takes charge of the entire process, from initial design to final installation, ensuring precision and adherence to industry standards. Quality, safety, and compliance are paramount throughout the construction phase. From trench digging to cable laying, conduit installation to infrastructure development, Digitall executes each step with professionalism, accuracy, and environmental consciousness. Their technicians follow best practices, adhere to strict quality and safety standards, and undergo the necessary training to work efficiently and safely. With Digitall’s expertise and commitment to timely and successful network infrastructure development, clients can trust in the delivery of a high-performance and reliable telecommunications infrastructure.


Digitall specializes in providing professional fusion splicing services for fiber optic network infrastructure development. With highly skilled technicians experienced in this complex technique, we ensure precise and reliable connections between fiber optics. Using modern equipment and advanced techniques, we guarantee optimal performance and minimal signal loss in the spliced fibers. During the splicing process, our technicians carefully align and fuse the ends of the fiber optics, creating a smooth and durable connection. We meticulously prepare the fiber ends by removing impurities and contaminants that could hinder the fusion splicing process. Through precise alignment and controlled fusion, we achieve connections with low loss and minimal reflectance or attenuation, resulting in high-quality, resilient connections. We conduct strict inspections and evaluations of the spliced fibers to ensure their performance and reliability, utilizing advanced equipment and testing techniques. These rigorous checks guarantee that our fusion splicing services meet the highest standards and provide exceptional connectivity for your optical network.

Technical Support

Digitall understands the critical role of technical support in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of fiber optic networks. With a commitment to reliability and prompt assistance, we offer professional support services tailored to address any network-related issues or concerns. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable technicians possesses extensive expertise in the field of fiber optics, providing effective solutions based on your specific needs. From problem resolution and network optimization to equipment configuration and remote monitoring, our comprehensive support services aim to maximize the capabilities of your network. With a focus on responsiveness, expertise, and individual attention, Digitall’s technical support team utilizes the latest tools and resources to diagnose and resolve issues promptly. Additionally, we offer proactive support through remote monitoring and regular network health checks to detect and address potential issues in advance. Trust Digitall as your reliable partner for maintaining a resilient and reliable fiber optic network.

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