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The process of fiber optic fusion splicing is a critical procedure in the development of fiber optic network infrastructure, and digitall specializes in providing professional fusion splicing services. Our highly skilled technicians have experience and deep knowledge in this complex technique, ensuring precise and reliable connections between fiber optics. With modern equipment and advanced techniques, we guarantee optimal performance and minimal signal loss in the spliced fibers.

During the splicing process, our technicians carefully align and fuse the ends of the fiber optics, creating a smooth and durable connection. We meticulously prepare the fiber ends, removing any impurities or contaminants that may hinder the fusion splicing process. Through precise alignment and controlled fusion, we ensure a connection with low loss and minimal reflectance or attenuation, resulting in a high-quality, resilient connection.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond the fusion splicing process itself. We conduct strict inspections and evaluations of the spliced fibers to ensure their performance and reliability. Our technicians utilize advanced equipment and testing techniques to verify the integrity of the connections, measuring parameters such as fusion loss and return loss. These rigorous checks guarantee that our fusion splicing services meet the highest standards and provide exceptional connectivity for your optical network.

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