Petros "FLOORFILLER" Kozakos 
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  Petros "FLOORFILLER" Kozakos is the man who put dance music on the map in Athens and all over Greece. (UPDATE MAGAZINE; Nr. 568, 25/01/ 1999).

  His early DJ Sets were a blend of Classic & Psychedelic Rock, New Wave, and then Rare Grooves & Funk, Reggae, Hip-Hop. The Clash, Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, George Clinton were always present in his record box wherever he played at that time (Mad, Cuckoos’ Nest, No Name clubs in Athens). During the late 80s, he experienced the overwhelming influence of Ibiza, early Balearic & Chicago House era and the vast soundscape of Acid House & Detroit Techno. 

  He opens "FAZ Club" (1988 - 1992) – the first house club in Greece. In 1994 he sets up "FLOORFILLER Bookings & Promotions" in Athens, the Agency that brought in Greece over the last years numerous top artists of the global dance scene. During 1994-1996, he is the resident DJ in "Sunrise Zone" and "+ Soda" and becomes a byword for Athens’ Progressive House & Trance scene, leaving his indelible mark on the “golden era” of Greek clubbing & raving. 

  Over the next 3 years (‘96-‘99) he becomes resident DJ in Zurich’s most underground Club, "Labyrinth". He has gigs in London’s "Ministry of Sound", Ibiza’s "Space" & "Amnesia", "Tenax" in Florence, "Cream" in Liverpool and Ibiza. He makes his return in Athens in 2000 and secures a residency for the following 3 years in "+Soda" (winter season) and "Loca Club" (summer season), the best underground clubs in Greece. At the same time, he introduces the Greek crowd to dance festivals, by producing “ENERGY Dance Festival” in September 2001 in Athens, and establishes the massive dance music events in Greece.

  Dancing never stops!! In 2004 Petros Floorfiller takes control music-wise of "Danza" & "Fuze"; during summertime, in what was perhaps the most acclaimed moment of his career, he is selected as the Greek Dj of the “Athens 2004 Olympic Games" and plays in the Olympic Village. Right after that and during 2005, he graces the decks of "Luv Club", the brand new underground dance hot spot of Athens, assuming the resident position.

  Moreover, he further develops his DJ skills incorporating the use of new technologies, using the Stantons Final Scratch creating flawlessly music landscapes and continuously breathing dynamism into every DJ set, into his “intergalactic voyage into the realms of music, filled with melodies and feelings”. Each of his music selections is an integral piece of an individual story. What makes him stand out is his ability to successfully pick and introduce in his sets whatever groovy, uplifting and rhythmic sound, regardless of style. 

  Since the Age of Innocence at FAZ and up to now, Petros Floorfiller’s story extends over more than 2 decades and is identified with the birth and growing-up of the Greek dance scene. His gigs on the decks from 1984 until today meant a great deal of unforgettable events for all those staunch clubbers and set the standard for Greek clubbing. 

Petros FLOORFILLER has appeared, among others, at the following clubs & festivals abroad Greece:

``Ministry of Sound`` London 1995
``AMNESIA`` Ibiza 1990/1998, 
``Pacha`` Ibiza 1995/1996, 2001
``Space`` Ibiza 1995/1996, 
``ASHRAM`` Florence-Italy 1994/1995/1996/1997
``Ultra Violet`` Italy 1997,
``INSOMNIA`` Toscana-Italy1995/1996/1997/1998
``CREAM`` Ibiza 1997/1998, 
``CREAM`` Liverpool-UK 1998 
``Faboula`` Italy 1998, 
``Unity Festival`` Zurich-Switzerland 1998, 
``Medinma Mediteranian Festival`` Marseille-France 1998, 
``Street Parade Festival`` Zurich-Switzerland 1999, 
``Labyrinth`` (resident) Zurich-Switzerland 1997/1998/1999.
``TENAX`` Florence - Italy 2002
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